Wow, I have Staff!

Promo Poster Concept from 2010

Promo Poster Concept from 2010

When I first started the brewery, it was just me, working from the early hours of the morning to late at night.  I had few few helpers along the way but we didn’t have the order we needed to really make a go of things.[more…]

My wife was at furniture store one day getting a few things for the brewery.  She met a very helpful and courteous sales person and happened to mention the brewery.  David, perked up and commented, “Brewery?!”  He came in a few days later and he spied my brewing batch log, the title, written in Danish, caught his eye.  He asked me if I was Norwegian, I said no, I’m half Danish.   I liked his attitude and he has proven to be an outstanding brewer.

The whole Scandinavian thing didn’t stop there.  Alex, a Marine, came in for an interview.  He was the best dressed of everyone, and what was one of the first things he did?  He started doing dishes and cleaning bottles.  Alex has proven to have a good head for logistics and a good knowledge of beer, actually, I’d say that about all my people.  My people, feels good to say that.  Alex also completes our Scandinavian triad, he’s part Swedish!

Thanom, yet another one of our brewers, wow, what can I say, he rocks.  He started out a regular here, got me to start playing chess again, and to date, I’ve only won about 3 games out of say…300, and that’s a conservative estimate.  He plays well with everyone.

Jayna, wow, a perky woman who gets things done.  I think that sums it up about her.  She’s taken on most of the day to day admin stuff, that’s one less grey hair for me to worry about.  She’s full of great ideas, which I think will make things really hit the sky.

If I could, I’d write more about my people, but I’d be writing volumes, and this is just a simple blog post.  I’ve put a link to each of their profiles on this page, but I’ll do it again.


So, give them a special thank you when you see them.  I’m glad they all have my back.

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