What We Sell at Baying Hound

What We SellBaying Hound Aleworks sells three year round and two seasonal types of beer in 22oz bombers to retail establishments. We are distributed throughout the DC Metropolitan Area. Click here to find out where to buy our products.

Take a look below to see our year round flagships and seasonals.

What We Sell & What We Offer

  • Lord Wimsey Mild Pale Ale – Brewed to have a gentle balance, not quite a session, but damn close.
  • Taj Mahound Brown IPA – Is an exciting meld of a classic brown ale and an American IPA.
  • Rockville” – A take on the Kölsch style golden ale and saison.
  • Long Snout Stout – A little different than most commercial stouts out there, this is on the rich, dark and toasty side.
  • Sarvara Black India Pale Ale – An imperial black IPA, or as they might call it out west, “Black Cascadian.”

At the brewery, we offer a few more off the wall pilot brews– something new and different for an adventurous bunch who like a little something different now again, brewed by folks who like to try new things.