We are coming up on 3 years in July!

Hard to believe it’s nearly been 3 years, when first starting out, it was just me, some kettles and two one barrel fermentors.  At the time I was going in part time, but soon realized it was going to take a lot more work.  Three days turned into 5, I was turning out 16-32 cases of single 12oz cases of a light pale ale.  It was a lot of work for just one person, but my Dad often came by to help bottle on bottling days.  We got our introduction to the DC Metro area beer scene in October of 2010 at our very first festival.  The “Takoma Park Nuclear Free Beer Festival” really opened up some doors and I got interviewed by the Gazette and Greg Kitsock, who wrote a piece on us in the Washington Post.

The 12oz bottles were retired and replaced with 22oz bottles.  The pale ale was reformulated for the larger bottle format and six months later, “Lord Wimsey Pale Ale” was released, the volunteers started coming out of the woodwork.

Our product line was extended Fall of 2010 to include a seasonal, the Marmageddon, which was my late bloodhound’s nick name.  She never went around things…always through.   The Marmageddon was a smoky porter aged over oak and rang in at around 7%.  I keep meaning to bring it back, maybe a special anniversary edition.

Other beers were introduced such as a Chamomile Wheat and a brown IPA which we called, “Taj Mahound,” which we just rereleased, the “Sarvara,” an imperial black IPA and brainchild of Eric Gleason, the brewmaster over at Growlers, yes….Eric got his start here, now I know what a Dad must feel like.

In 2011 we got our first award like thing, the July Issue of the Best of Washingtonian.  We tied for first for best pale ale.  Funny thing, just as I was sending Port City a congratulatory e-mail, they were doing the very same thing to me.

I’ve met a lot of great people these last three years, both brewers and beer lovers alike, some of them even famous, and quite a few of them volunteered their time to help out.

To commemorate this third Anniversary, we are having a Birthday Bash the first weekend of July.  So go watch the fireworks, but come have a drink with us July 5-7.  We’re hoping to get a dunk tank like we did last year, and you can have an opportunity to sink a brewer.  We’ll be charging for throws, but I’ll make a deal with you, I’ll buy you a pint if you can sink one of us in one throw, from a slight distance.  We don’t make enough beer to fill this dunk tank, and that would be a great waste of beer, even the, a-hem…light lagers out there.

More on the event:

July 5-7 Baying Hound’s Third Birthday Bash
Happy Birthday Baying Hound!Hard to believe it’s been 3 years already.  Come hoist a pint with us and celebrate!  We will also have a dunk tank, music, food, and of course beer.

When: July 5-7 from noon to 10 PM
Where: Baying Hound Aleworks 1108 Taft Street Rockville, MD – Keep an eye out for the Maid Brigade cars.

Saturday, July 6, (Times TBD) Ring of Fire will be serving up a feast.
Sunday, July 7, from 1 – 4 PM, Car-b-que will be onsite serving up various grilled items.

Saturday, July 6 Music Starts at 6 PM. Society Fringe Players and Red Sammy will be playing
Dunk the Brewers – If you can sink one of them on your first throw, we’ll buy you a pint.  Throws will be $2.00  a ball or $5.00 for three.

We will be tapping a special ale in celebration! Lord Wimsey, our flagship English-style pale ale, has been mellowing himself in an oak barrel for the past 3 months, and it’s time we let him off the leash.

As with all our events, there is no entrance fee.
Pints – Starting at $6.00, specials available.

Getting Here:
We strongly encourage that if you drive, have a designated driver. Alternatively you can cab it or take the Ride On and/or Metro, click here (http://bayinghoundales.com/hours-and-location/) for bus information.

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