The Throwdown Pre-Poll

The Employee Throwdown

The Employee ThrowdownI have to say, this poll did a lot better than I thought, so thank you! At the time of writing this post, there were over 500 votes!  I didn’t think it would go that far, 100 votes maybe, but certainly not much more than that. Thank you for your involvement.

The teams are making last minute preparations for their various beers, some are more hush hush about their brew, but that’s because there is only one beer I wasn’t called into for any sort of guidance. For example, the Kuhnhounds headed up by Chris, our chief brewer, felt comfortable enough to formulate all on his own. I knew he could do it, he is one talented individual.

Not everyone has Chris’ experience, and even though I am technically competing with the Underdogs, I am still going to be helpful. The way I see it, no matter who’s beer wins, its still a win for the brewery. I have a vested interest in everyone doing well.

Harlee, our bar manager/events coordinator, came up with a suggestion. Just the other day she said something to the extent of, 

“There has to be something more. Not just some trophy. Maybe the winners can brew a bigger batch and we can bottle it or something.”

She had a very good point. Then it dawned on me, a few years ago we started a “Brewer’s Reserve” series. The plan was to release a new bottled beer only available at the brewery each month.  We got through two. The first was a Belgian Abbey Ale we called Saint Hubert (a Saint Hubert Hound is a Bloodhound). We decided that for every bottle sold, we would donate a percentage to an animal shelter. It sold pretty damn well. The next one was more of a public service announcement. Think milk carton with a picture of a missing child, but this was for a dog, Millie the beloved canine companion of a local family. We brewed up Millie’s Mole, a 10% ABV spicy chocolate  porter. 

So I suggested to Harlee,

“How about making it a Brewer’s Reserve off of the winner?”

I’d like to think she was in agreement. If it goes well, we might just have to make the Throwdown and the Brewer’s Reserve a regular thing. 

The pre-poll is neck and neck, it means nothing without the beer to back it up, but its interesting to see what people think. I will announce the result of the pre-poll within the next few weeks, it ends just before our Dog Daze III event.

Just humor us, go ahead click here and vote before the poll closes.