The Tasting Room

The Tasting Room, By the Pint 

841299_10151389610119419_1691360554_oThe Tasting Room now serves up pints! Check out our current tap offerings. Not sure what to order? You can order by the sample, or both our small and large flights. Our tasting room hours are on the right side column.

We’ve made some history here being the first manufacturing and distributing brewery in Montgomery County, so if you’d like to have a tour along with your tasting, visit our “Tour our Facility” page.

We try to have something for everyone, so if you are unsure, we highly recommend you try a flight of all six beers we have on tap.

No one under the age of 21 are allowed on our tour, this is for their safety as well as our own. If you want to bring your child along, please keep them in check, running around or grabbing things may disrupt our patrons as well as damage some of our equipment or products. Dogs are welcome, but make sure they are on your best behavior and keep them leashed, we love dogs, but we don’t like cleaning up after a pooch, leg lifting and all. See our “Tasting Room” policy page for more information.

For more information about the beers, visit our “The Beers” page. Some of our beers were one time brews and the recipes filed away somewhere, but we have brewed over 200 different beers since 2010.  There have been a few exceptions over the years, but we do our best to keep every name dog related or at least with some sort of reference, not matter how obscure. 

So without further ado, come on in and taste our wares. You can take a growler home, or perhaps some bottles of our flagship beers.

What to Bring

Valid Government Issued ID

  • Valid Passport
  • Valid State Issued Driver’s Licence
  • Valid State Issued Identification Card
  • Valid Military Identification Card

ID Policy

As a matter of policy and liability, we do not accept vertical driver’s licenses even if the date of birth is of legal age.

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