Tasting Room Service Policy

Baying Hound Aleworks is committed to the responsible service of our beer to our responsible consumers. We are also committed to actions that will help reduce drunk driving. Occasionally, as a matter of policy, we will refuse service but not discriminate, its for your own good and for ours. We want everyone to have a good time.

Have a Valid ID on Hand and ID Policy

Valid Government Issued ID

MUST CLEARLY STATE DATE OF BIRTH AND NOT EXPIRED! Should that attempt be made, we can’t legally take the ID from you, but you will be asked to leave and we will call the authorities!

  • Valid Passport
  • Valid State Issued Driver’s Licence
  • Valid State Issued Identification Card
  • Valid Military Identification Card

ID Policy

As a matter of policy and liability, we do not accept vertical driver’s licenses even if the date of birth is of legal age.

If an attempt by a minor to purchase beer, they will be asked to leave and if need be, call the authorities. If you are an adult and you purchase alcohol for a minor, you will be asked to leave.

Intoxication and Avoiding Accidents Policy

If you appear to be intoxicated entering our tasting room, we will not serve you. If you got into a car and injured or killed someone, that isn’t good for either you or our reputation. After you leave our establishment, we are no liable for any injuries you might cause.

We will cut you off if you appear to be overly intoxicated. If you are slurring your speech and/or stumbling, we will not serve you further.

We can’t legally take your keys away from you, so know your limits. Bring a designated driver or have us call a cab for you. Please drink responsibly. Should you make it into your vehicle, we will take down your license plate number and inform the authorities.

We will not serve an individual more than one drink at a time for their own consumption. So don’t try and put a fast one on us, especially if you are accompanied by a minor hiding in the bathroom while you plea with our bartender that they are of legal age.

Don’t guzzle! We produce craft beer and not bubbly water. We will not serve you in short intervals.

You are welcome to sit and wait till you sober up as long as you do not disrupt our staff or patrons. It is an urban legend that coffee, drinking lots of water, etc. The only sure fire way of sobering up is time.

We will file a refusal of service and incident report.

If You Break It, You Buy It

Should you break any item, furniture or piece of equipment within our establishment, we will charge your credit card for the full retail item plus 20% gratuity.  Some of our equipment isn’t cheep. This includes your children and/or pet. So none of this “kids will be kids.” You will be asked to leave our establishment.

Walking Out on Your Bill

If you are running a tab, we require a credit card. Should you walk out without paying, we will charge your credit card for your tab with an added 20% gratuity. 


Don’t even try it. No exceptions! Ask about special offers instead.

Disruptive Behavior, Children and Dogs

If you are rude to other patrons or one of our staff, you will be asked to leave. We are adults, so please act like one.

We are an adult establishment, so keep your children in check. The seating at the bar is for paying customers and not a toy for your child to play on. Children should not be left unattended, don’t let them run around, this is not a play ground. If they break or damage anything in the brewery, you will be charged for the full retail amount of the item(s) plus a 20% gratuity. 

We are dog people here and we love them dearly, but keep your dog on a leash. Do not let them wander the premises, should they lift their leg or poop in our facility, we have to clean it up, and we will charge you for the time it takes one of our staff to clean it.  If your dog antagonizes another canine, including rough play or fighting, you and your dog will be asked to leave. Dogs get thirsty too, so we are more than happy to fill a bowl of water for them.

Be Courteous 

We like our tasting room acceptable to all patrons, but if you are not drinking, please let another patron sit. We understand if you are pacing yourself, but please be courteous of the people around you.

Left Your Credit Card or a Personal Belonging Behind?

Give us a call at 301-637-9322. We will hold on to it and keep it in a safe place.