You Need a Beer with that Food


Before I became a brewer, I was, among other things, a chef. I dabbled in a lot of different career paths, street corner barista, web developer and even an apprentice cobbler. Cooking is still in my heart and I enjoy being creative, I really enjoy pairing or cooking with beer. When I set out to brew one of our very first […]

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What Goes With Your Beer?

Jamaican Curry by Reggae Vibes

A Call for Beer Pairing Recipes I’ve talked a little bit about pairing food with beer. From the beginning, here at the brewery, our flagship beers were designed to go with certain foods. For example, the Lord Wimsey Pale Ale was designed to go with curry. I love both Indian curry and one of my guilty pleasures, kastu curry rice […]

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Pairing Food and Beer

This can be challenging at times, and I’ve done a lot of beer dinners.  When I started the brewery, I began developing my beers with food in mind.  When I came up with the Lord Wimsey Pale Ale, I was thinking to myself, “What could I make that would go well with a good proper curry?”  It took several batches […]

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