Pan Fried Catfish Sandwich

Pan Fried Catfish Sandwich w/Carrots and Apple Slaw with Yellow Brick Road Honey BBQ Ale

A few months ago, we were interviewed by Behind the Craft, a beer podcast. You can listen to it by clicking here. What I didn’t know is that they had taken on of our beers, the “Yellow Brick Road,” a honey BBQ beer we did, and paired it with what sounds like an amazing sandwich. This is most definitely prompting me […]

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Pairing Food and Beer

This can be challenging at times, and I’ve done a lot of beer dinners.  When I started the brewery, I began developing my beers with food in mind.  When I came up with the Lord Wimsey Pale Ale, I was thinking to myself, “What could I make that would go well with a good proper curry?”  It took several batches […]

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