Two Brewers, One Fermentor

A few years ago there was a video that went viral, it was a fetish movie made by a Brazillian film maker.  It spawned all sorts of parodies and reaction videos.  Let’s just say, this movie was pretty disgusting and in bad taste.  Well, we thought it might be funny to do a parody.  In this parody, two of our […]

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Video Blog – Baying Hound Aleworks Cheers Style

I used to love watching Cheers, it was one of my favorite sitcoms.  I especially loved the opening sequence.  One of my brewers telling me we needed to do something with the Cheers theme song, so here it is, mind you, it’s a draft:[more…] Related articles ‘Cheers’ Ted Danson, John Ratzenberger to reunite on ‘CSI’ ‘CSI’ Is Corny and Clichéd […]

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Baying Hound Aleworks – Not your Average Nanobrewery

 By CHRIS PAVETTO If you don’t love dogs, then don’t read this article, because there’s a level of canine-centricity at Baying Hound Aleworks that simply can’t be ignored. But it’s not just a dog thing at this Rockville, Maryland-based brewery; they’re also about the beer, which they painstakingly produce with a very small system (one barrel). [more…]Baying Hound’s history is […]

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