Stuff, Craft Brewers Conference and Taking Some Time Off

Craft Brewers Conference

Start Up a BreweryIt’s been a busy year already for Baying Hound Aleworks. There were hearings, events, new licensing, and some media coverage including our first two video/ TV commercials. I also had paperwork, the bane of my existence.  

Craft Brewers ConferenceI’m going to Denver! This will be my second time going to the Craft Brewers Conference and a first for my Chief of Operations Danny. I went last year when it was hosted in Washington, D.C. I’ve never been to Denver, I don’t think a stop at the airport counts. I look forward to taking some time off from the brewery, even if its a working holiday. We’ll visit a few breweries and take in a bit of the “Mile High” city’s sites. It’s always good to meet the faces of some of our vendors, but also to see other brewers we’ve met already and some new friends.

Danny, all to often tells me I need to take a day off. Things don’t always work out that way, like just the other day, I took the day off.  All was disrupted, not in a bad way, and I had to come in. 

WNEW 99.1 FMI got a call from John Domen of WNEW 99.1 FM. We had discussed an interview shortly after we got our Class D – Beer Only License. A glorious day, we had a long anticipated victory, from its first mention several years ago to the law passing and finally the Montgomery County Department of Liquor Control granting us the first of only breweries to be able to serve beer for on premise consumption. The license not only allows us to be a Beer “Saloon” for lack of a better term. So, i came in, sat down with Mr. Domen and had a little interview. I had Bernie with me, just like the last time WNEW interviewed us.

We discussed the new license and even Kathy Durbin, the Division Chief of Licensure, Regulation and Education at the DLC, chimed in on the interview. All positive. Bernie, like last time, had a few things to say, though it helped that the UPS truck showed up when it did. I like to think of Bernie earning a tiny little celebrity status. You can listen to the interview in my last post.

Other than being interviewed on radio, we were also on the local news and a few newspapers. Part of it was our new license or about some of the potential law changes in both Maryland and Montgomery County. So its been fairly busy.

I mentioned commercials, the first one we filmed was with a local wrestling federation, Covey Pro. Nyla Rose, one of the wrestlers filmed with us. It was fun and I have to say, she is a witty person and had all of us chuckling.

The second ad was with Yelp. I believe we have to pay extra to embed the video, so instead, I’ll post our Yelp Page instead.

We were interviewed recently by the Washington Post’s Amy Orndorff,  a writer for the “Going Out Guide.” It was a surprise visit. It had been a fairly busy night but slowed down later that evening,  so we were most than happy to talk. She had heard about us from a co-worker and decided to pay us a visit. Amy Orndorff came with her husband and her dog and tasted our wares. It was all about our license. The article, “Pints debut at Baying Hound Aleworks in Rockville.” We even got put on the “Hot List for April.”

A few days ago we were interviewed by the Sentinel‘s, Allison Brickell. This time we were discussing  Montgomery County Delegate Sam Arora’s proposed law changes. Take a look, “Brew ha ha for Montgomery.”

There are some new faces behind the bar, we’ve got Harlee and Justin, mush welcomed help and we couldn’t be happier. Harlee is a professional bartender who used to work at a bar in DC I used to frequent, since they opened to the occasional visit when I get down to DC.  Justin has proven himself behind our marble top bar. He’s been helping out with the brewing as well and is already on his way to being a very talented brewer. I hope to get their bios up soon. I still need to add one for one of our brewers as well, Chris.

They are  great addition to the Baying Hound Aleworks‘ family, Danny, Thanom, Chris and Vinnie the Dachshund. Our brewers have been really working hard to get our stock up, we have our distribution, our tasting room, and a few upcoming events to prepare for. Events, there are a few coming up, including one that will have food trucks and music from local bands. Then there’s the Craft Beer Festival in Frederick. 

So, I’ll sign off by saying CHEERS! Thanks so much.