Ska Patricks Day

Baying Hound Aleworks' Official Ska Patricks Logo

Baying Hound Aleworks’ Official Ska Patricks Logo

An old friend of mine, Dave Ridgeway, from the old neighborhood, approached me several months ago with a proposition.  He asked, “What are the chances of doing a special event with lots of live music…and better yet…how about doing it Saint Patrick’s Day weekend?”  I was intrigued to say the least.  I had been wanting to some sort of music fest for a while, but I didn’t have the contacts Dave has.  [more…]We’ve had bands play here before, we’ve had Society Fringe Players and South Rail.  This time around, it’s a lot different.  The initial planning went from 8 bands, to 12, and now we’re at 17 with perhaps a few stragglers and repeat performances.

Planning continued, we were hoping to have a new restaurant opening soon on E. Gude called the “Ring of Fire” come cater, but as with any restaurant, opening the doors is contingent on various things such as inspection, contractors, utilities, etc… etc… My neighbor next door to the brewery told me of all the opening pains he had when opening up his restaurant “Table.”  So we won’t have “Ring of Fire” come cater, but we will go over there come opening day and eat to our heart’s content.  Back to the catering, Dave, the man with the contacts, talked to a Kabob food truck.  Nothing like having hand held food while listening to music and drinking beer.  So Dave came through for us yet again!

So now we have this event, lots of music, lots of beer, and food!  This should be awesome, I look forward to it.  So while I have you here, here’s the band line up and times:


7p – The Originators
8p – Evokatones
9p – Mimi Loco
10p – Hanso Foundation


12p – Interstate Rivals
1p – Kid Goat
2p – Sovereign Sound System
3p – The Originators
4p – 13 Towers
5p – Princess
6p – Forbidden Mission
7p – Society Fringe Players
8p – Mavins
9p – Sick Tight Nasty


1p – Free Lobster Buffet And then again for another set at a different time
2p – The Originators
3p – Christos

Hope to see you there. Festivities start Friday, March 15 and ends Sunday, March 17. We will be open from noon – 10:00 PM.

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