Reflecting on Events Past and Future

Scratch n' Sniff Tap Handles

Scratch n’ Sniff Tap Handles

August has been a very slow month for us, not from the production side of things, its just August seems to be the slowest month of the year.  I’ve worked in hospitality for years and its always been that way, it seems to be a peak vacation time.  I’m not complaining.  After Labor Day, things pick up and that’s when a lot of the events start popping up.  This month alone we have two off premise events, a Special Tapping of the Scratch n’ Sniff White IPA at Growlers in Gaithersburg and The Takoma Park Nuclear Free Beerfest, which will be our fourth time doing it.[more…]

I remember the first time I did the event in Takoma Park, wow…was I ever nervous.  It was great exposure though and we got some media attention, my very first interview was with the Gazette, see the article by clicking here.  I also had the good fortune of meeting Greg Kitsock, and before I knew it, I was on the front page of the food section, see the article by clicking here.  That very article put us on the map, people finally knew about our little tiny brewery, but I was branded the crazy person who decided to open a brewery in Montgomery County.  It really isn’t that bad.

This event lead to our participation in many other events, numerous tastings at the Sixth and I Synagogue, a blind tasting at Hard Times Cafe in Bethesda, and a few other events where I met the likes of  Chocolate City, DC Brau, and the guys from 3 Stars.  They hadn’t opened yet, so I was the old guy compared to them.

We went on to part take in a few fund raisers, a lot of Animal Welfare events, one for Autism awareness, and marriage equality.  It’s been fun and we have a lot of things coming up, I’ve been invited to cook a beer dinner (not with our beer), and may have a Baying Hound beer dinner coming up in the next few months, and have been talking to a local museum about doing tutored tastings.

Thanks for your support and I hope to see some of you at some of our upcoming events.

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