Recipes Designed to go with Beer

Food Pairing with Beer

Food Pairing with Beer

What seems like many years ago, a friend of mine and I started doing a cooking show.  There was no voice over and it was just set to music.  We only did two seasons and then our lives tore us away from continuing the project.

The project was known as “Better Beerfood.”  It was geared to matching food with a particular beer.  The first season, we just bought a plethora of beers, but in the second, we reached out to breweries around the country, and got results.  Brewers are some damn friendly people. 

At any rate, I wanted to share with you some of the recipes we came up with.  I plan on releasing one each week.  If you have any recipes that you’ve matched with beer, feel free to share them, you can send them to  The first recipe I have added is for a Bison Chili.  Enjoy.

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