News and Other Updates


newsletter-web-graphicIt has been a busy few weeks. The was Dog Daze III, which had a few side things going on including the Employee Brew Off and our 4th Anniversary. We also have some more news, but I won’t post a spoiler in this first paragraph.

First a Little Bit of News

Some of you maybe familiar with some of the recent changes in liquor laws in the county. Yesterday we received our Class 7 Limited Beer Wholesaler license. Now, instead of having to get purchase orders from the Department of Liquor Control, we can now sell direct to licensed stores and other establishments. This is a huge step for us

Dog Daze III Birthday Bash

I’d like to thank everyone who came to celebrate another milestone with us. Four years! We’ve come a long way from the days where it was only me, pumping out a barrel or two per week to quadrupling our output thanks to our staff.

Usually we get a dunk tank for our anniversary, we could have used it, but that thing takes up 400-600 gallons of water. I would have been fun for the employees, but we just didn’t have the space for that and the entertainment.  Instead of having this bit of fun, we did something a little different. Our staff divided up into three teams and we all brewed a beer and you, our patrons, voted on the best one.

I was surprised at how many people voted, could be a lesson for turnout for government elections… serve beer! I have to be perfectly honest, I was a little disappointed in the outcome. Wait, huh? Okay, I was on the winning team, the Hunting Hounds and I’m proud of that. I just find it a little weird that I made a trophy only to end up winning it. I swear it wasn’t rigged, I gave clear instructions to all my employees to not divulge the team responsible for brewing the various brews. We simply numbered them instead of giving them a name. I had high hopes that one of the other teams would win, they did such a wonderful job on their beers and worked hard to make something unique. All I can say to them is that there is always next time. The competitive side of me says, “Bring it!”