You Need a Beer with that Food


Before I became a brewer, I was, among other things, a chef. I dabbled in a lot of different career paths, street corner barista, web developer and even an apprentice cobbler. Cooking is still in my heart and I enjoy being creative, I really enjoy pairing or cooking with beer. When I set out to brew one of our very first brews, the Lord Wimsey Pale Ale, I wanted a beer to go with my favorite food…Curry

1460235_10152034004110600_1782452351_nEarlier in the year I was drafted to be the official beer dinner chef, sadly that restaurant is gone now, but it got me back into a commercial kitchen. I had vowed never to work in one again, but I was yanked back in. 

My interest in pairing came a few years ago when I was doing a beer dinner at a restaurant in Old Town Alexandria. I had also brought in some homebrew samples, one of which was a chocolate porter I named after the street I grew up on, Porter Street Porter. It went over extremely well and it was certainly one of several catalysts that put me on the path to opening the brewery.

But enough talk, now its time to hear my pitch. Our recipe section has been neglected for a while, sure I have a ton of recipes I could slap up on the page, but I’d like to hear from you. Have a favorite recipe to go with your beer? Why not send it over to us and we’ll post it on our recipe section. You will be credited. 

If you’re worried about divulging that “secret” recipe… Well, got news for you, it has probably been done, but keep in mind, just because you shared your Mom’s lasagna recipe, doesn’t mean its going to turn out the same way. Like beer, ingredients vary. If a brewery in say, Frederick, brewed one of our beers, solely because of the water, it would come out completely different. I worked for a chef who had this attitude towards sharing recipes, he said, “I don’t mind giving out my recipes because somewhere somebody has already done it.” I feel the same way.

Below you will find a form. Fill it out and submit it. I will be publishing recipes each week.