Naming Beers

This can be harder than you think, especially if you are trying to focus on branding. Most of our beers, such as Lord Wimsey (Named for our Mascot Wimsey who was named after Lord Peter Wimsey), Long Snout Stout, Taj Mahound, Marmagedon (This was a smoked porter, it was my old bloodhound’s nick name, she never went around things, she went through them) and Sarvara (Sanskrit for Hell hound) are dog related. We’ve had a few exceptions such as Rockville (it was our version of a Kolsch, had some German tell us Kolsch can only be brewed in Koln, so we named it after the region it was brewed in) and HopShot (Our IPA, had long discussions about keeping this dog related, but on the insistence of its creator, we named it this.)[more…]

Our pilot brews don’t always have dog related names, here are a few we’ve done:

  • Anubis – an interpretation of an ancient Egyptian beer made with dates, honey, barley, and grains of paradise.  Though not a dog, it is in the Canis genus.
  • Alpha Bitch – this was a braggot we did.  Made with honey and barley.  No need to explain the name.
  • Saint Hubert – What does a saint have to do with beer or dogs?  The Saint Hubert Hound is another name for a bloodhound.  Monks brewed beer, enough said. This is a Belgian style beer we have done a few times.  We’re doing another one called “Snowy” though we may change it back to Saint Hubert.  Who is Snowy?  Snowy was Tin Tin’s dog, and he’s Belgian.
  • Black Hole Sun – This isn’t dog related, but when it came time to name this imperial chocolate stout, we were standing there dumb founded, what do we call this?  At that very moment, “Black Hole Sun” blared over my computer speakers.
  • Surtur‘s Fireside Chat – Okay, at the brewery these days, we have a Scandinavian majority, and we are passionate about the Norse myths.  We named this after the fire giant Surtur.  The tap handle label shows a fiery sword with a marshmallow stuck to the tip with the world map charred into the fluffy goodness.  This is a Smore stout, and yes it has Marshmallow, Graham Crackers, and chocolate in it.
  • Sif’s Harvest Barleywine – Named after Sif who was one of the harvest goddesses of the Norse Pantheon.
  • Springtime in Solitude – Any gamers out there?  This was a nod to our friends over at Bethesda Software, the creators of a very addictive game called Skyrim.

Those are just a few.  We’ll be picking through mythology a bit to come up with names and perhaps a few obscure historical references.  So stay tuned.

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