How the American Revolution Could Have Been Won

Woulda, coulda, shoulda. Imagine if this is how the Revolution could have been won, maybe we wouldn’t have all the problems we are experiencing from our oh so hard working crew of both the House and the Senate.


If dogs had just intervened, like Wimsey, Marmalade, Vinnie, or Bernie, perhaps we would have more order.  There would be more dogs walking their humans, fresh bones everyday, ball throwing and more.  If we got out of line…we would be tied out side or something, they might castrate us and give us flea baths.  They would be the steak eaters while we ate kibble.  The Pledge of Allegiance would replace the “One Nation Under God,” which according to Bernie, is a misspelling or typo anyway,  it would read, “One Nation Under Dog.”

So, if Wimsey had been around back in the 18th Century and good beer was plentiful, this is how it might have played out.

How the American Revolution Could Have Been Won

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