Happy Birthday and the Brew Off

Happy 4th Birthday

Happy 4th BirthdayLooks like it is going to be a fun happy birthday for our tiny little brewery. I’m excited. Four years! We’re not getting old, we’re just getting started. At any rate, as mentioned earlier, we are having an employee brew off. 

The Pre-Poll Results

It was neck and neck. It doesn’t really mean much, seeing as no one will be telling you, who brewed what? 

Pre-Poll Results

Pre-Poll Results


Voting For Your Favorited Beer

You will decide which team wins. You will be given a ballot and urged to vote when trying all three samples of the brew-off brews. Here’s a glimpse of the ballot.

Official Brew-Off Ballot

Official Brew-Off Ballot

And the Winner?

The polls will close at 5:00 PM and the winners announce. So what happens with the winner? Two, maybe three things come to mind. First, bragging rights. It’s not “shoving in your face,” and if there is, its all just fun and games. Take for example Chris and Justin, our brewers.

Chris is far too modest when it comes to taking credit and he makes some phenomenal beers. He has Jindo, Puppy Sweater and a few others under his belt.

Justin is always a kidder and he is proud of his Dog Park IPA, which we are brewing up a second time. He’s been getting high marks for this one and you can tell he’s pretty darn happy with it.

The winning team will get the oh so, ever coveted “Golden Beer Mug” Trophy. It is kind of tongue and cheek, it’s just a beer mug glued to a bottle on top of a coaster and spray painted gold. It looks good though.

The winning beer will go on to be in a special series we are reviving. We call it the “Brewer’s Reserve” and it will only be available at the brewery. A percentage of each bottle sold will go to a dog related charity.

Examples of two of these “Brewer’s Reserves” are the Saint Hubert Belgian Abbey Ale and Mallie’s Mole.

Sorry for the quick post, it’s time to do the final touches to our little party.