Dogs in Need!

Macky is giving it one last try

Macky is giving it one last try

I am a sucker for dogs, you’ve heard me talk of both Bernie and Marmalade in several of my posts.  I’m writing this entry with a sense of urgency.  According to the Humane Society, roughly 2.7 million healthy, adoptable cats and dogs—about one every 11 seconds—are put down in U.S. shelters each year. [more…]

That’s a lot of pets that go unwanted, many of them are the offspring of other family pets.  I’ve volunteered and have worked with several animal rescue groups, and to see all these desperate animals looking at you with such sad eyes, really melts your heart.

I’ve heard all sorts of excuses, from “The apartment I’m moving into doesn’t allow pets,” to “We just had a baby and we’re afraid of it biting the baby.”  Sorry to get really opinionated here, but I have to call bullshit on this one.  Many times, these apartment building that supposedly don’t allow pets, will allow them for a fee.  I’ve encountered that myself before.  Also, you have the option of finding a place that does allow pets, just do the homework.

Marmalade, my old dearly departed bloodhound, was a sad story, she was most likely a hunting dog who had been over-bred and when she got older, her owners tied her up outside to basically rot.  She was then taken to a shelter with a raging eye infection. One day, a person from a feline rescue group saw her and took pity on her.  She could see the pain and suffering in her eyes and took her to a vet to be humanely put down.  When she got to the vet, he said that there was nothing really wrong with her with the exception of an eye infection caused by entropion, which is where the eyelid turn inwards and irritates the eye.

Marmalade was given antibiotics and then she was brought up to Washington, DC to the Washington Animal Rescue League.  That’s where we got her.  She had to have surgery, but that was included when we adopted her.  She was roughly 9 years old when we got her, which is ancient for a bloodhound, and we had her just shy of 3 years.

Bernie came from the Hampshire County Animal Control, he was in danger of being put down.  That would have been a true waste.  Many of these shelters are over run with animals, and many of them don’t have the luck of being put into a forever home.  They are discarded like the mean nothing from supposed loving families.  Do yourself a favor, help find a dog a home.  Hampshire County Animal Control is holding an event at:

Where: PetSmart 510D E Market St, Leesburg, Virginia 20175

When: September 28th from 11:00AM – 4:00PM

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If my post sounds harsh, there’s a very good reason for it, it pisses me off!  Giving up your pet and taking it to a shelter may seem like a good idea, but you know what?  In some of these shelters, if they cough or sneeze they are destroyed.  If there are too many of them and the shelter has no more room, well, they have to make room and they get destroyed.  Some shelters, when these animals arrive, they might have 48 hours from the day they are brought in to live before they are euthanized.   It isn’t always pretty either, some of the vet techs are paid by the corpse and time is money, so sometimes they haphazardly poke the wrong vein or can’t find one and the dog or cat’s last hours are filled with fright and pain.  If this sounds like a guilt trip, you’re right.

Imagine a world where unwanted children are piled into an orphanage and if they aren’t picked up, they are killed off.  It’s the same damn thing here.  It think of my pets as family and they know it.  People can be selfish, don’t be one of them.


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