You Need a Beer with that Food


Before I became a brewer, I was, among other things, a chef. I dabbled in a lot of different career paths, street corner barista, web developer and even an apprentice cobbler. Cooking is still in my heart and I enjoy being creative, I really enjoy pairing or cooking with beer. When I set out to brew one of our very first […]

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Thanksgiving an Beer

My wife goes on record as saying that Thanksgiving is her favorite US Holiday. I’m inclined to agree. Food, drink and feasting. She’s Canadian and since Canadian Thanksgiving falls earlier in the year, this will be our second such feast. Let’s do a little time travel and take a look at a little bit of the history behind the National […]

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Other Things to do with Beer

Beer, to many of us it is our drink of choice. We drink it by itself or maybe with a perfectly seared rare grass fed New York strip. There’s a style out there for almost everyone out there ranging from bitter hoppiness to sweat malty goodness. It’s liquid bread and has saved the world on many occasions. But…drinking isn’t the only […]

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