Houndquester and the Government Shutdown

Amazing how much influence social media has.  I turn to it mostly for customer interaction, but it is also a platform for ideas. [more…] I was having another sort of apolitical discussion on my personal facebook page, when someone mentioned after seeing a graphic I had posted of a dog lifting it’s leg on the Capital Building.  Okay, so it […]

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Health Benefits of Beer

First, please be sure to read our disclaimer at the bottom of the page regarding the contents and opinions expressed in this article.  Now that we got that out of the way we can begin.  We’ve pretty much all heard about this miraculous beverage we know as beer, it has saved the lives of many from starvation  “Liquid Bread,” some […]

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Pairing Food and Beer

This can be challenging at times, and I’ve done a lot of beer dinners.  When I started the brewery, I began developing my beers with food in mind.  When I came up with the Lord Wimsey Pale Ale, I was thinking to myself, “What could I make that would go well with a good proper curry?”  It took several batches […]

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