Brewery Turns Four Years Old

Happy 4th BirthdaySome said it couldn’t be done and stay in business. We’ve weathered many storms and challenges over these last four years. There were times when I was told that I was the crazy person who opened up a brewery in Montgomery County. To commemorate the brewery’s birthday, we are having a little celebration, Dog Daze III. Click here for more information.

It was back in the Summer of 2009, the concept of opening a nano-brewery came to me. I had wanted to open a brewery for years, I knew I would start off working alone, so this seemed manageable. That day, I was out with my mother in law, my favorite drinking buddy, to do some shopping and have some lunch.

I had picked up a copy of a beer magazine at a book store and then went across the street to a pub. I remember that meal too, a Ruben and a Flying Dog Doggie Style Pale Ale. We talked about it a little bit and soon it was time to put everything on paper. I had planned on this as being a proof of concept and expanding within a year. Working alone and even when I had the occasional volunteer lending a hand, I was still stuck with the administrative work, dealing with distribution, marketing and of course brewing. I didn’t have the time to seek out investors. So we’ve stayed a nano for these last four years.

We’ve been approaching several parties regarding expansion. There’s nothing written in stone, but I believe we’re on our way to breaking out of brewing one to three barrels batches at a time. Fingers crossed.

Looking Back on the Last Four Years

As mentioned earlier in this post, we’ve weathered a few challenges. So I’m reminiscing a little bit. Here are a few.

I remember debuting our very first beer, boy, was I ever nervous. Our very first was a pale ale, bottled in 12 oz bottles which was a little much for a few reasons. It took forever to bottle on our original bottler. It was a nice little device, you could even program it for various volumes. We had that running for a while but it had flaws. It took hours to bottle, label and package.  It was sold in singles, the reason? For six pack holders, with printing on it, would have run me 50 cents with a minimum of a few thousand. It was a little much for my pittance of a budget. The motor in the bottler eventually died and we moved on to a five headed gravity filler. That new filler cut off several hours to bottle not including cleaning. It also helped moving to a 22 two oz bottle.

There were some pretty bad storms we’ve gone through. Violent winds, torrential down pours, snow storms and even that earthquake a few years back. Thankfully, the only casualty was a half a case of beer and a few cracks in the wall. 


Over the last couple of years, monumental changes to the liquor laws have gone in to effect. Some of those legislative changes we even chimed in on the various bills while in their infancy. Those changes give us a little more freedom and are more business friendly. We can serve pints now and soon we will be able to self distribute in Montgomery County. 

So raise a pint and join in on the festivities. I would also like to thank all the people who have helped out over the years, especially my hard working employees.