Fetch is a light citrusy shandy. We blended Hop Shot IPA with organic lemon aid. ABV:5.5% IBU:25 Malts:2 Row Pale, Vienna, and Crystal 40 Hops:Nugget, Columbus, Willamette and Cascade Other:Lemon Aid Yeast:English Ale Yeast

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We set out to find a way to do something a little summery. We came up with the concept of taking a tropical drink and interpreting it in a beer. The result? The K9Kolada was the answer. We added coconut nectar to a golden ale base, added and late hop additions with varieties known for their tropical fruit notes and aromas. […]

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Hunting Hounds Imperial Apricot Ale – Competition Beer #3

The Hunting Hounds

The first of three competition beers, formerly known as Competition Beer #1 and renamed Hunting Hounds Imperial Apricot. The Hunting Hounds Imperial Apricot, was the winning beer in the first ever “Employee Brew Off.” Hunter Dunning and Paul Rinehart were awarded the “Golden Mug” trophy when the public at our Dog Daze III – Birthday Bash.  Apricot on the nose […]

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Hot and Steamy Asian Pear and Jalapeno – Competition Beer #2

The Kuhnhounds

The second of three competition beers. Brewed by Chris Kuhn’s evil genius. The Kuhnhounds, which consisted of both our chief brewer and his father. Brewed with Asian Pears, honey and Jalapeno. Renamed Hot and Steamy. Layered with hop flavor with hints of pear finishing up with a fresh spiciness.  ABV:6% Malts:Pale Ale, Vienna,Crystal Other:Asian Pear, Honey and Jalapeno Yeast:English Ale Yeast

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Citrus infused pale ale. Named for the bloodhound in “King of the Hill.” ABV:6.7% IBU:70 Malts:2 Row Pale, Vienna, and Crystal 40 Hops:Nugget, Warrior, Columbus, Willamette and Cascade Other:Citrus Infusion Yeast:English Ale Yeast

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