Below are beers we have brewed, some are distributed (like our flagahip beers), while others are one offs or popular experiments we bring back.

Cybal’s Prophecy (Spiced Ale)

Named for a friend’s dog, Cybal. Some research had to be done on this naming, we try to meet a few criteria such as, keep it dog related and have something in there about one of the main ingredients.

Cybal’s Prophecy is brewed with hibiscus. This redish purple flower is a symbol for future, or…prophecy, in some cultures. Cybal, was a mythological seer.


Darwin (American Wild Ale)

Darwin is an experimental sour, it has been sitting in a bourbon barrel since February 2013.  It has undergone several fermentation steps, first, open fermented to expose it to the natural yeast flying around in the brewery, and then into the barrel it went with the addition of “Buckthorn.”  Buckthorn is a stick, used in Ethiopia to ferment their Tej, a honey wine.

This was an attempt at starting a lambic, which can take years to achieve the right sour flavor before adding fruit. This one was fermented in a bourbon barrel and took on a character of its own. Not as sour as you might think, it also has fruity and vanilla notes with a hint of bourbon and oak.


Why Darwin?  Darwin’s ship was called the “Beagle.”