Mr. White’s White Stout

A white stout? Yes, a concept one of our former brewer’s Chris came up with. We were making an attempt at recreating the mouth feel of a stout without the darkness of what you would expect from a stout. ABV:7% IBU:21 Malts:Wheat, Pale and Vienna Hops:Nuggeet Other:Lactose Yeast:English

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Long Snout Stout(Stout)


Long Snout Stout is a little different than most commercial stouts out there, this is on the rich, dark and toasty side. We joke around here about the name, which Rinehart‘s wife came up with.  Originally it was to be named “Out and About Stout” (Say that with a Canadian accent) as Rinehart’s way of making light of his wife’s […]

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Taj Mahound(Brown Ale)

Taj Mahound is a hoppy brown ale.  The norm for brewing in some cases, is to add hop additions from high Alpha (higher IBUs) to lower Alpha, we didn’t follow that, in fact we reversed it.  We believe these reversed alpha hops, for lack of a better term, “low to high,” brings out a totally different flavor profile than your standard […]

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Rockville(Golden Ale)


“Rockville” is our take on the Kölsch style golden ale. We actually had a few Germans come in here once, telling us we could not call this a Kolsch, because this style is brewed in Köln (Cologne).  Rinehart, being a smart ass, replied, “Fine, we name this for the region it was brewed in!  You can’t brew a ‘Rockville’ because its […]

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Lord Wimsey Pale Ale(English Pale Ale)


Brewed for people who don’t want a hop bomb. Brewed to have a gentle balance, not quite a session, but damn close. This beer is brewed with only the finest crystal and other specialty malts and hops. Tied for first in the Washingtonian Magazine’s July 2010 “Best Of” Issue.   Variations: Wimsey Get’s Randy Colonel Wimsey 3-Month Colonel Wimsey 6-Month […]

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