Beer Myths

1460235_10152034004110600_1782452351_nThere is a lot of misinformation and assumptions made about beer. Some people deem them as fact just because they found it on some random blog. So…here are five myths debunked. I’m just surprised people still believe some of these myths. 

The IPA Was Created to Make it to India Without Spoiling


There were several other varieties of beers that made it safely over to India. Apparently Porters were especially popular.

Beer had been exported since the 1800’s, not only to India, but further away as well.

Beer Kills Brain Cells


An Australian study determined beer was not responsible for killing brain cells. Of course anything consumed in excess is bad for you. 

Beer is probably the world’s oldest health food drink. Back in the day, people did not have access to potable water, so everyone drank it. Some recent studies have also shown other health benefits. You can see my blog post Health Benefits of Beer. It is said to be good for the bones, good for the heart, and can even improve mental function.

“Beer before liquor, never sicker – liquor before beer, in the clear”


There is no scientific proof to back up that saying. It’s actually dependent on how much you drink. At the end of the day alcohol is alcohol.

Beer is Lower in Alcohol than Other Types of Alcoholic Drinks


A one 12 oz. can of beer = One 4 oz. serving of wine = Mixed drink or cocktail 

Yes, they are all equally intoxicating. 

I’ve had too much to drink, oh, I’ll just sober up with a cold shower


Coffee, cold shower, drinking lots of water…no, none of these do what people claim. One the ethanol is absorbed, that’s it, its in your bloodstream. The only sure fire way to cure a hangover is time.