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Bernie the Dog

Bernie the Dog

My name is Bernie. I was abandoned on a highway in W. Virginia and taken to animal control, where I soon ran out of time. Luckily my humans were looking for a dog and I got adopted in the nick of time.

For the longest time, my parents thought I was at least part bloodhound and perhaps Saint Bernard, at least that is what it said on my adoption records.  One day, there was this fundraiser at WARL, where my sister, Marmalade came from, one of the perks was getting a DNA test done on me.  At first the tests came back inconclusive, at least for part of my genetic makeup.  My humans though it would be amusing regarding my final results, I’m a Bloodhound/Great Pyrenees/Cocker Spaniel mix.

My Dad thinks I’m a brainiac, and perhaps he’s right.  He makes me blush a bit, which is hard to see because I’m already red, when he tells stories like me cleaning up after myself.  I was valedictorian at school, yup, I was one of the top dogs.  Now and again I misbehave, but its my parents’ fault, when I first arrived at my forever home, I was about 20 lbs under weight, so my Dad, a former chef decided to make me gourmet meals.  You can read more about that in one of his blog entries by clicking here.

Little to the humans know, I’m the real brains behind the operation.  I have special powers, just look into my beautiful eyes and you will fall in love with me.

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