Our Pack of Hounds

Our Pack of HoundsMeet the hounds who work here at Baying Hound Aleworks. Just like our beer, we’re all locally born and raised.

Our houndly staff has helped carve out our little block of history. We’ve weathered many a storm together and take pride in creating the best damn beer we can.

Running a brewery takes a lot of work, and you need the right people for the right job. Our employees take pride in their jobs and we take great pride in them.

Our Hound Pack

The Hound Overlords

Bernie – The Real Boss Man/Security/Chief Sniffer/Lady’s Man

Wimsey – Official Spokeshound/Mascot/Former Show Dog

The Humans


Paul Rinehart – Founder/Head Hound

Our thanks goes out to our hard working personnel! We take pride in every member of our team of talented individuals.