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About Us & Who We Are

Marmalade the inspiration behind the nameBaying Hound Aleworks is a small independent nanobrewery in Rockville, Maryland. The brewery produces small batch beers using only the highest quality ingredients. Our beers are unpasteurized, unfiltered and contain no additives or preservatives. 

The brewery concept was years in the making.  Paul Rinehart was tired of working in the restaurant industry and wanted to try something different.  He had been home brewing since he was 14 years old.

After a quick trip over to a local bookstore with his mother in law and picking up the latest issue of All About Beer, Rinehart saw an article about a concept out west…the Nano Brewery. He had been planning to open the brewery for several years, but wondered if it would be too much to do alone. This article stuck with him and soon his concept evolved into the tiny little brewery, tucked away in an industrial park just off of Taft Street.

The name “Baying Hound Aleworks” was a tribute to Marmalade the Bloodhound, who sadly passed away in 2009. Read more about Marmalade the Bloodhound in the blog: “Remembering an Old Friend

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